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I have always suffered with really bad skin and pretty much always had blemishes since mid way through high school. Know matter how hard I tried I could never find a product which helped me. 

It was really when I turned 19 that I really started getting into beauty and really focusing on my appearance that I started going to my local beauty salon for monthly facial (among other things) that I discovered the wonder of Clarins products. Now at this time I was really sceptical about different products and really didn't believe that anything would help me. But I instantly fell in love with them and now at the ripe age of 21 I wouldn't use anything else. 

I haven't always used the Clarins Lotus Oil, I can say I only started using this at the start of 2014, after reading other reviews on the product, but at the time I convinced myself not to purchase it as I thought putting more oil on my already oily type skin would just make matters worse . But then one day my wonderful beauty therapist recommended I purchased this as even though I suffer with oily skin, my skin was very dehydrated which actually in the long run was causing my skin to be oilier leading to further breakouts. So what did I do, not one to say no, I purchased it and honestly I have no regrets. 

After using this for just a few weeks I could see such a huge difference in my skin. It has now balanced out my oily t-zone and has hydrated my dehydrated cheeks dues to previous endless acne treatments. I only use two drops of this at night after toning and before my normal moisturizer, or I will apply a small amount after doing a face mask to rehydrate my skin. 

I can safely say I couldn't live without this product now as I feel that it helps my skin so much, and I can instantly tell from my skin when I haven't been using it. And honestly a small amount goes a long way so it's definitely worth the price. 

Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil £32 via Clarins - Link

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