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I have always liked No7 products, especially there nail varnish's so when they brought out the colour match tester several months back now, I decided to pay a visit to Boots and see what colour I actually am. I was told that I would need the colour 'Warm Beige' so this is what I brought and I would say that it is a pretty good match.

I feel that the Stay Perfect foundation is rather lightweight but it provides great coverage’s even on blemished skin and it really does even out my skin tone. I actually like to apply this foundation with my fingers which is something that I don't usually like to do, but this foundation blends so easily and one pump is normally enough to cover your whole face.

The only down side about this foundation is I wouldn't say that it 'stays perfect' I find that it slips around rather a lot and doesn't last very long. I personally like using a primer and then a setting powder everyday though as I have oily to combination skin and I have found that this does help to keep the foundation in place so I would recommend that if you want give this foundation ago and you have oily skin then to use a primer and a powder! 

For £14.50 I have found this foundation to be a good buy despite the fact that I feel you have to use a primer. I have actually repurchased as it is just a handy product to have and I know I can always rely on it as a backup also I personally don't think the price is to bad either. 

No7 Stay Perfect Foundation £14.50 via Boots - Link

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