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You should know that it is so important to keep your makeup brushes clean to keep bacteria at bay. It is recommended that you clean them every week but I'm not going to lie I do sometimes forget to clean my brushes which I really need to stop doing as it really is so important. I thought I would be together a few quick tips to help keep your brushes clean even when you don't have much time. 

To combat bacteria build up, give your brushes a little shower with a brush cleaner spray. Just spritz the anti bacterial spray directly on the bristles then swipe the brush across a tissue to dry, this will just freshen up your brushes after each use.

Once a week wash your brushes to eliminate any dirt or bacteria that's hard to spot. You can use your shampoo or invest in a brush cleanser, not only does the cleaner wash away and debris but it also conditions the bristles for a soft longer lasting brush. 

Deep Clean 
1: Fill a bowl with water, adding a dollop of shampoo and swirl the brush tips in the water.
2: Swirl the brush in your palm, working up lather
3: Rinse the brush under running water until all clean
4: Towel dry
5: Lay brushes on a towel, never stand them up.

If you keep your brushes clean, even if you just use an anti bacertial spray daily you will notice a difference in your skin, so it's well worth the effort. 

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