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Shiny, smudge-free nails aren't much to ask for, are they? But yet so many of us fail at this basic task, especially me. I'm that bad at painting my own nails for the past, what 4 years I have been having them done professionally, I either have Nexgen over my natural nail or acrylic tips. Recently though I sat down and removed all the gel from nails, filed them down and painted them, as I want to try and get pretty, natural nails. As I am no expert at the art of nail panting I found a few simple steps to follow so help me achieve that glossy gel-look Mani that stays chip and smudge free. 

Step 1: Start nail varnish fee and the file your nail left to centre and right to centre, instead of seesawing across. A simple tip to get a great shape is to mirror the shape of your cuticles. 

Step 2: Buff the nail plate in the directions of the nail growth, to smooth out any imperfections and to get an even surface. 

Step 3: Take a cotton pad soaked in remover and wipe over the entire nail. Push it into the cuticle area and the side of walls to get right around the edges, doing this removes any dust, debris and naturally occurring oils from the nails.

Step 4: If you are using a nail varnish colour with a built in base coat then you can paint the colour straight away but if your polish doesn't contain a base coat it is recommended that you apply a base coat first and leave to dry for 2 minutes. 

Step 5: To paint the colour wipe off one edge of the brush against the neck of the bottle so all the product is loaded on one side. Start by placing the brush close to the cuticle push back even closer without touching the skin and then paint the nail in 3 strokes. 

Step 6: Clean up your nails by dipping a small brush into remover and correct any mistakes. 

Step 7: Wait 2 minutes and then apply a topcoat in the same way, using gentle pressure so you don't drag any polish beneath. Make sure you seal along the tip of each nail.

Step 8: Wait a further 2 minutes and very lightly sweep quick-dry oil over the cuticles and entire nail. Try to avoid blowing, flapping and shaking the nails as this can give them an uneven finish. 

I hope these simple 8 tips help your to achieve the perfect nails, there are just simple tips but its helped me to get my nails looking healthy and natural. 


  1. great tips! thank you for sharing!
    following you on bloglovin' and twitter. hope you'll look for me too. see you around!

    a possible fantasy

    1. Aww thank you hun, you have a great blog, I've given you a follow (: x


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