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We all want to look great in photos and there is nothing I hate more than having a photo taken and looking white and ghostlike. I have learnt to do a few simple steps, which will stop that ghost like glow from happening so I thought that I would share these with you today.  

Lighten Up
You should avoid going to dark in your foundation shade, I would recommend having your shade professionally matched to your skin tone at different points throughout the year as your skin tone is always changing. 

Matte Is A Must
For cheeks I would advice staying away from shimmery powders and just keep simmer strictly on the eyelids. 

Primary Focus
A primer is essential for keeping your make up intact; it’s like the base coat on a manicure. I find that oil free versions are best and they are also sensitive skin friendly.

Say No. To SPF
Your primer and foundation should be SPF free as formula's containing sunscreen will cast a ghostlike glow with the camera flash, and nobody wants that. 

Line Up
When lining the eyes start in the center of your eyelid and work your way to the outer edge, as when lining the entire lid it will cause the eyes to appear smaller. Also apply a dark (but not black) shadow, using a slanted brush to line the lower lids. 

Blend, Blend, Blend
Make sure to completely blend when to come to concealer, contouring and eye shadow. The camera flash will highlight any unblended edges, which will create a clown like look, and unblended concealer will highlight fine lines. 

Mellow Yellow
To set your makeup you should choose a yellow powder rather than a translucent one as like SPF formula’s; translucent powders cast a white glow when photographed. 

Au Natural
You should always apply your makeup in natural light, as this will be the best indicator of how it will look when photographed. 

Practice Run
If you haven't already tried the products you are going to use I would recommend trying them before the occasion so you know how they sit and feel on your skin as that is essential when creating the perfect final look.

If anyone can recommend a good foundation without SPF I would be very grateful as I never seem to be able to find a good one.

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