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I purchased this face mask from boot's a couple of months back because my skin decided it didn't like me for a while so I decided it was time for a new mask and because I enjoy just trying different ones out. I hadn't heard of Una Brennan at the time of buying this but since then I have heard so much about the different products that she has so I will definitely be giving some of them ago too.

This pore purifying clay mask claims to clear your skin of dirt, excessive oils and toxins that lead to breakouts, so this made me super excited as that was exactly what my face needed, as soon as I got home I couldn't wait to use it.  After taking it off I could instantly see a difference, my skin felt clean and refreshed and looked brighter and clearer. I really did feel that my skin was clear of dirt. Whenever my skin starts to breakout I always quickly turn to this Super Facialist Clay Mask as I have found that if am about to breakout or have already broken out this product helps straight away to clear my skin. Expectant!  

I use the Super Facialist Face Mask usually once a week but occasionally I will use it twice if my skin is looking like it needs a pick me up as I know that as soon as I apply this it will make a difference. I apply a generous and even layer to thoroughly cleansed face and neck. Leave on for 5 minutes as this maximises the hydrating benefits and then rinse with warm water and gently pay skin dry. The only negative about this mask is the smell, its awful! It's really strong which is something that usually puts me off but as sticking with it as the mask itself works wonders. 

I love this mask that much that I will be trying some of the other Una Brennan products and I will certainly be repurchasing this particular mask once I have ran out, as it really is my holy grail which I knows work.

Super Facialist Clay Mask By Una Brennan £9.99 via Boots - Link

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