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I think I am like most girls when I say that love big, bouncy voluminous hair. I'm always on the hunt for products that claim to help achieve this and trust me I've tried a lot of different products, I used to have oily hair but recently this has changed which has changed my hair routine completely. I've been using the Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Collection and really noticed a difference in my hair it's feeling softer and smoother as well as feeling more bouncy. 

Volouminous Hair

When I want to achieve volume, I start by washing my hair with a volumising shampoo followed with the matching conditioner which I just apply to the ends, as I don't want to lose weight from the roots. Then I'll begin to dry my hair, I will sandwich a towel around sections of hair to absorb most the water, then massage a handful of mousse throughout my hair, along with a heat protection spray then I will blow dry my hair from the roots while lifting the hair to get as much height as I can.

To get that extra bounce and body in my hair I clip up all my hair and then take 2 inch sections and hold a round brush under it and the hairdryer right above and then pull both tools downwards and twirl the brush towards the end to curl, then I just repeat this until all my hair is dry. If I want to get some further height in my hair I then gather the top section of my hair (from my ears) and pull it upwards and then heat the roots for about 20 seconds and hold in place until the hair has cooled.

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