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The last thing we want is globs of mascara in are lashes and around our eyes and lets face it we all want long luscious lashes all year round. Follow these five rules to get perfect eyelashes without having to revert to time-consuming falsies or expensive extensions.

1. Eyelash curlers are essential. 
I swear by using a lash curler as it helps to give though lashes that ‘wow’ factor. I always use a delicate pumping motion while moving from the base of lash upward as that way you will get maximum results. And make sure you always curl before applying mascara, as the eyelashes are suppler so the crimping of the lash doesn’t feel as damaging.

2. Condition and treat your lashes daily.
Just like anything else, your lashes need a little TLC. Lash conditioners are great as they help to treat the lashes and work as a primer, creating a smooth surface for mascara. Growth treatments are also great to invest in as they stimulate the eyelash growth cycle, making it longer, so lashes come in longer, darker and thicker. Remember though you won’t see results straight away, it can take 2-3 months, while improvements can start to show within 4 weeks.

3. Let lashes set between layers of mascara.
This is just a simple tip, yet it is one of the most effective. Give a little bit of air time between each coat of mascara as this will allow the mascara to set and build upon each layer instead of gooping up as one big clump

4. Prevent “spider lashes” with a lash comb.
Avoid spidery clumps by combing lashes after applying mascara. A metal-toothed lash comb is key; apply a coat, wait a few seconds, brush through eyelashes, and then apply the next coat.

5. Don’t layer different mascaras.
I have always heard professional makeup artist recommending that you don’t do this as some formula's will not mix well and end up clumping. However, some mixing and matching does work such as if there’s a wand you prefer over another, clean it off and use with your favourite formula or as a lash comb.

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