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I had been thinking of doing this tag for a while now, so you get to know more about me, I was struggling to think of 50 things though, but I thought I would start and see how I get on and this how what I come up with... 

1.    My wardrobe is colour coordinated.
2.    I want to visit Bora Bora
3.    I have done a skydive. 
4.    I love organising.
5.    I was born at 9:13 PM on the 30th October 1992.
6.    I want to visit NASA. 
7.    I LOVE Kanye West. 
8.    & He was amazing in concert. 
9.    The only meat I eat is chicken.
10.  I knocked my front teeth out when I was 1 years old. 
11.  I have 6 tattoos.
12.  I'd have a Starbucks everyday, if I could. 
13.  My favourite shops are Topshop and Selfridges. 
14.  I love reading true stories. 
15.  My favourite colour is Grey. 
16.  I work in car insurance. 
17.  But I would love to blog for a living.
18.  I love fireworks & sparklers. 
19.  I would have loved to have a sister. 
20.  My surname is Italian. 
21.  I prefer music to TV. 
22.  I have over 3000 songs on my iTunes. 
23.  I failed my driving test twice.
24.  I am always cold.
25.  I fell over and broke apart of my knee. 
26.  People say I have expensive taste. 
27.  I can't drink milk.
27.  I have a younger brother. 
28.  I love Harry Potter. 
29.  I'm scared of butterflies. 
30.  I'd love to swim with stingrays.
31.  I love looking at really old photographs. 
32.  People say I look like my dad.
33.  I could easily sleep all day. 
34.  I have a secret crush on Danny Dyer.
35.  Halloween is my favourite time of year. 
36.  I could eat pasta all day, every day. 
37.  For ages I made my dad put petrol in my car because I hated doing it.  
38.  The most important thing to me are family and friends. 
39.  I studied Health & Social Care and I'm not sure why. 
40.  I have never tried Marmite. 
41.  I get claustrophobic. 
42.  I love the feel of ribbon. 
42.  I have a cat, which we call Pud Pud; its real name is Tyler though?
43.  I LOVE Macaroons.
44.  I would like to live in Melbourne. 
45.  I would love travel the world.
46.  I'm allergic to long haired cats. 
47.  I bake a Christmas cake every year.
48.  I’d love to live by the beach.
49.  My best friend is French
50.  It took me days to come up with all these.

Please let me know in the comments if you do this tag, as I would love to read them.

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