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I have always been a fan of fake tan and seem to go through stages where I apply it every day for months and try every brand and then I won't use it for a couple of weeks. But some people can be quite scared of fake tan and I used to be one of those people, as you always see fake tan mishaps in magazine and worry that could be you. However after a little but of practice and experimenting with different products you will soon pick it up and be able to get a lovely natural looking tan. 

There are three simple steps that I follow to help me achieve that perfect tan:

Step 1: Before tanning 
I'd recommend having a shower or a bath before tanning so you can exfoliate and shave, some people like to do this the day before but I personally like to do it all on the same day. My favourite exfoliator to use is Treacle Moon My Coconut Island Body Scrub as its quite abrasive so I feel like I am removing any dry skin and old tan. 

Step 2: During Tanning
Firstly I will say that if you are new to fake tan then your best to start with trying it on your legs as then if you do go a little patchy at least you can over it up. My main tip for fake tanning is to work in sections, so I will always start with my lower leg and then my thigh and then do the other side, Ill then to my stomach, then my arms, neck and face and then I may sometimes get someone just to do my back (Honestly I make anyone do this), lastly I do my hands and then leave to dry. Now you want to try not to get any water on you, as this will straight away ruin the finish of your tan. What I usually do it apply my tan in the evening and then go to bed once it has dried and this way I know I can't get anything water on my tan and most products take about 4-8 hours to develop anyway so its always worth sleeping in it. 

Step 3: After Tanning 
Once your tan has been on for the given amount of time you are going to need to wash it off, once you have you will be left with an even, glowing looking tan. Now if you want to try and make your tan last that little bit longer I would recommend that your moisturise regularly and avoid having hot baths, otherwise that tan will start to fade. 

Hope this has helped and shows that fake tan really isn't that scary. If you have any favourite fake tans please let me know as I am always on the look out for new ones.

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