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Now I think I speak for everyone when I say that I like to have perfect eyebrows? But does anyone else find themselves seamlessly sitting in front of a mirror trying to perfect your brows? I'm currently trying to change my eyebrows so to help me I follow a few simple steps, which so far has stopped me from getting the tweezers out. 

The way to achieve a thick full brow try going into ‘brow rehab’ to see how much hair actually grows in. During brow rehab you should try to leave your brows alone for 6 months, just going in for touch ups every 6 weeks as this allows the hairs to grow in and get on a one-growth cycle, its hard I know! In the mean time though you can fake a fuller brow by using a fine tipped brow marker/pencil, which is the same colour as your brows. It's precise tip helps to create natural looking hair like strokes and after a while your soon start to love your brows even while they are growing.

After you have allowed your brows to grow in, you have to make sure that you won't over pluck them again. If you’re not sure how/where to start tweezing you should hold a pencil vertically along your nose, that's where your brows should start.  Then keeping the pencil at the corner of your nose start to tilt till the pencil is just past your pupil and that is where your arch should be. Finally line up the pencil from the corner of your nose to the corner of your eye and that's where the tip of your brow should be. These are just simple tips to start to achieve that perfect brow, I understand its hard leaving your brows to grow but I have learnt that the long you can leave them the better effect you will get when you finally get them reshaped.

If you know any good products that help your brows to grow I would love to know so I can give them a try.

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