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Having a well-fitting pair of jeans, and a little black dress is a must for every wardrobe and this is the same principle for your makeup bag there are products that are a must which become essentials.

1. Mascara
I’m sure everyone has a mascara already in there collection, but to get the most out of yours, choose a mascara whose wand has bristles that multitask as they can help prevent clumps and grabs every teeny lash.

2. Cheek Color
Having a neutral shade that won't clash with with your lipstick is the ultimate makeup bag essential. Not only will a nude pink help chisel your bone structure, it'll give you an instant glow.

3. Tinted SPF
You always start with a good base, so most look needs a foundation, but that doesn't mean you have to use one. For most complexions, semi-sheer tints give just the right amount of coverage and let your glow shine through. Choose a product with built-in SPF, as you will find this a very handy product in the warmer months when foundation is to heavy and you’re after something lighter on the skin.

4. Eye Liner
When a situation calls for more drama, liquid or gel liner is the only way to go. They are essential to creating a cat eye, or dot them between your upper lashes to make them look fuller.

5. Concealer
If you're not already using a stick concealer, it's time to get on board. No other type covers dark under-eye circles and blemishes as much as these do, whether you blend them with your fingers or a flat, skinny brush.

6. Red Lipstick
Having a red lip gives an instant ‘wow’ factor and the best thing is it can be worn day or night. With the right shade in your makeup bag, you'll always have a fallback look you can pull together in a few minutes flat.

7. Highlighter
A well-placed highlight can make all the difference. Swipe a luminizing pen or powder over the tops of your cheekbones, the corners of your eyes, the Cupid's bow of your upper lip and in the folds around your nose and mouth for an instant boost. Make sure you opt for a highlighter with a subtle sheen instead of over the top sparkles as your get a better effect.

8. Eye Shadow Palette
For a two-minute smoky eye, pick a palette with at least three colors: a medium shadow to wash over the lid, a dark shadow to create depth along the lash line and in the socket, and a pale, shimmery shade to highlight the inner corners and center of the lid.

9. Daytime Lip Color
There's a subtle difference between a bare-naked lip and barely-there lip color, but slicking on a healthy pink has serious payoff when it comes to looking pulled together. A tinted lip balm works great as it keeps lips soft and protected from the sun with the barest hint of color.

10. Pop of Colour
Whether you prefer to play up your lips or your eyes, a pop of vibrant color is like an instant makeover for your look. Take an all-black outfit to the next level with bold blue lids or a bright pink lip.

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