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I thought today I mention the Tea Tree Toner from The body Shop, I have recently been using more products from The Body Shop and I have really been enjoying using this toner. When I made this purchase there was a 3 for 2 offer on so I choose this, the Tea Tree Pore Minimiser and the Tea Tree Face Mask but the toner has to be my favourite out of the lot as its a really handy product.

I like to use this toner when my skin is feeling oilier than usual or in the morning as it leaves my skin feeling awake & fresh. As you probably have heard Tea tree has always been a great product to use on blemishes, but sometimes tea tree products can burn but this doesn't! Bonus!

I've read some reviews though saying that this toner doesn't work for a couple of people, saying that it makes them breakout and causes iterations, but for me it works perfectly. I have combination skin and I use this once a day, in the morning, but if I'm having a bit of a breakout or my skin is looking oily I will use in the evening as well. I've been using it for just over a month and I can defiantly see the difference in my skin and had a lot less breakouts.

I would certainly say that the Tea Tree Facial Toner is worth the money, it's strong enough to remove make up and gentle enough to not cause any problems to the skin. Great product, great price.

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  1. a girl in the body shop recommended this for me, i have oily skin but a lot of breakouts. Glad to know it works for you!

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