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Today I'm mentioning a new favourite of mine, the Clarins Gentle Peeling Cream, I decided I'd give this a go about a month back now, I hadn't heard any reviews so I was open minded to what it may be like but since I've had it I've used it every week, twice a week and really like it. It's an amazing innovative product; I've ever tried anything like it before.

I suffer from breakouts and oily skin so bought this as an alternative to the harsher exfoliates on the market as sometimes I find that these can leave my skin feeling really dry. This product smooths away impurities with natural clay, which delivers immediate radiance to all skin types, it's even suitable for sensitive skin, as the soothing primrose extract helps maintain an ideal pH balance which ensure clean, comfortable, radiant skin.

The Gentle Peeling Cream leaves my skin feeling soft but it isn't the easiest product to use, I sometimes feel that I'm not getting all the product of my skin but I am pleased with the results so far so will continue to use and see how I get on. I feel that this product helps with increasing blood circulation as you're supposed to remove the product from your skin when it's dried out slightly so the massaging effect is great. Defiantly a product to give a try!

Clarins Gentle Peeling Smooth Away Cream £25 via Clarins - Link

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