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Channel, Clarins, No7Today I have decided to talk about my top tree blushers, I never seem to purchase many blushers and have actually used the same one for some time now, I have recently been looking around for some new ones as I think a blushers looks lovely in the summer time.

My first one to mention today is the Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush, you may think this blusher is way to pricey but you honestly get what you pay for and a little does go along way as there is a good amount of pigmentation. I use the shade 99 Rose Petale, it looks so natural on my skin and has a lovely glow to it, and it really is gorgeous. What I love more is the fact it comes in a velvet pocket, even though I no longer use it, it does add some glamour to the product.

Channel, Clarins, No7
Next I’m going to mention the Clarins Face & Blush Powder, this really is my all time favourite blusher, which I use everyday. I actually prefer to dust it all over my face, as setting powder because the colour it creates isn’t deep enough to bring a flush to my cheeks. I do however really like it as a face powder as when all the different shades are blended together it creates a delicate peachy shade, which is enough to bring some life to my complexion.

Last to mention today is the No7 Blush Tint Powder, I have owned this for quite some time now, as it is such a handy product that is available on the high street with a with an £8.00 price tag it means that most people are able to get there hands on it. I have the colour spice and like to use this when I am after a pop of colour, there is just the right pigmentation so you don’t find yourself having to apply loads but you also don’t come out looking clown like.

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