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This week's "Top 3 Friday" is setting powders. As you may know, I'm a fan of powders, a huge fan in fact, because I have oily skin I always feel that I have to apply a powder to keep my foundation in place and looking fresh. I have tried so many different powders over the years that all claim to help with different thing but there are three particular ones that I also turn to so I thought I would mention these to you today.

Mac, Liz Earle, Laura Geller

The first one is the Liz Earle Colour Natural Finish Loose Powder, the formula is very lightweight and velvety soft which always feels lovely on the skin, it contains four types of powder and different sized particles which is what helps to smooth and even out the appearances of your skin. I like how this feels on my skin and the best bit is, it doesn’t make your skin look dry or cakey because that is sometimes a problem I face when applying a powder thought-out the day.

Secondly is the Laura Geller Balance-n-Brighten Baked Colour Correcting Foundation I have had this powder for some time now I originally saw it on QVC when I was flicking through the channels, as soon as I saw it, I just had to get it and I have not regretted it. I don’t actually use this as a foundation because personally it doesn’t provide enough coverage for me but I really like to use it on top of my foundation as a powder as it works really well to even out skin tone. The only slight downside is its only available in four colours Fair, Medium, Porcelain and Tan, I use the colour Porcelain and it suits my skin colour really well. I have sadly now hit pan on this product though but fear not as I will certainly be repurchasing because it is just a handy little product to have in my collection.

And last but not least is the Mac Select Sheer/Pressed Powder this is actually my No1 favourite out of all three and one that I have used time and time again. I don’t think I have to really say much about this product though because you probably have seen and read so many people rave about this Mac powders before! The thing I love most about Mac powders it the colour choice, there is currently 13 different colours available in just this powered alone so you are guarantied to find a good match but I will just say it always worth going it and trying it, just encase. I use this powder everyday because it does a great job of keeping on foundation in place as well as providing coverage, I have learnt though that if I want to keep apply this powder throughout the day it is best applied with a large brush because otherwise my skin can start to look very dry and powdery which is not a good look so that is just something to be careful of but overall I can’t fault this product, I think it ideal for anyone.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks Top 3 Friday post, let me know your thoughts if you have tried any of these powders and if you have any that you would recommend. Thanks for reading.

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