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Now I haven’t been blogging for long and I must say I am no expert, however I feel like I am at last getting the hang of it a little. So I just wanted to start putting together a few tips that I have helped me, which maybe will help you too.  And I just want to say that it does take a while to get going so do not worry and get disheartened. 

1. Register with Stumble Upon
This is a brilliant website to sign up to as you can share all your pages and then people can just ‘stumble upon’ them increasing the traffic to your blog and best of all it is free! 

2. Keep Organised & Have a Schedule
I am not always the best at being organised but when it comes to blogging it really does help to me prepared and having a schedule will help you get those posts up on time

3. Make Sure your Blog is laid Out Well
It is also a good idea to make sure that your blog is easy to navigate around and also have social links as this makes its easy for your readers to follow you and keep in touch

4. Read other Blogs
I love reading other peoples blogs as this is always a good way to get inspiration (Remember do not copy there work though) 

5. Comments on Other Blogs
Its always lovely receiving comments on yours posts so why not comment more on other blogs and that way you will also start to see more people visiting your blog

6. Subscribe to Beauty Boxes
Beauty boxes are great to subscribe to as each month you will receive a new box with a couple of different products which you can try out and review, giving you content for another blog post

7. Register your Own Domain Head
Head over to ‘GoDaddy’ and purchase your own domain name, this will make your blog look more professional

8. Don’t Bad Mouth a Product if you don’t like it
Its always good to give constructive criticism and to be honest but for whatever reason if you don’t get on with the product don’t just write a whole post slating it, it won’t do you no favors

9. Give Yourself Time each Week to Blog
This goes back to being organised, I would also advice giving yourself time with your posts so that you know that you have something ready to go up which you know you have done your best on, Keep a diary where you can keep notes on what you need to finish and photos you need to take so you don’t forget

10. Disable the Mobile Version on your Blogger Template
I would highly recommend that you disable the mobile version if your using blogger as that way readers get to see a smaller version on their phone of your web page instead of the standard designs and this way people will be able to recognise your page easier

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