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I will be honest I’m not always the most positive person, I tend to moan about silly things, especially if things don’t go my way and I also tend to look at things in a negative way. Maybe this is because I don’t like to get my hopes up. But whatever the reason I decided I had to change and start to become more of a positive person. So this year that was one of my goals, and people around me can already see a difference in my attitude and have actually even commented on how I seem a more positive person now, so I must be doing something right ey.

I’m sure you have heard of the saying ‘tidy house, tidy mind’? well I honestly swear by this, I have always been rather good at this as I am not one for cutter but if I don’t sort out my space then I start to feel very bogged down so I’ve learnt to keep on top of my organising and having a big clear out every now and then makes me fell so much better.

750 Words 
I’ve only very recently come across this website and its brilliant I must say. It’s just your own private little space on the Internet that can only be accessed by you, for you can just write all of your thoughts. It’s a great way of offloading what ever you have on you mind, as a problem shared is a problem solved and all that, but something just writing it down can make the world of difference.

A Gratitude Jar
The idea of a gratitude jar is that you write down things that you are grateful for on a piece of paper and you keep doing this throughout the year, then when your feeling down and need a little pick me up you can look back at all the things you’ve written.

Time Out 
This is probably one of the most important one, we all have busy lives, there is always something else that needs doing or a job that needs finishing but taking just 5 minutes out of your day to just sit back and do nothing and I mean nothing, no TV, no phone, just relaxing will have real benefits and will help to relax your mind which actually in the long run will help you to work better, so make sure you always take some time out for just you.

I'd love to know what tips and tricks you use to be more positive. Let me know if you try out any of the above by leaving a comment below.

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