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Firstly everyone suffers from bad skin days whether it’s a sudden breakout that comes up out of nowhere or days of irritation that won’t seem to go away, so don’t think its just you as it happens to everyone. I personally have always suffered from having bad skin ever since being at high school but recently I have found a skincare routine that has helped me, and my skin.

The trick to clearer skin is knowing which products to grab during these problem times but this can be harder than you think as you don’t want to make the situation worse by using products that aggravate the skin. When my skin flares up I turn to my tried and tested products, which are usually from Clarins as this is the only brand that I really trust, I have recently started using Proactiv which has been fantastic but I would mainly recommend this to people that have acne not just the odd blemish and they are the ones that will see the biggest difference in there skin. There are a couple of things I also do to insure that I am helping my skin to get better.

1) Start with a Face Mask - I like to use a Face Mask once a week to give my skin a deep clean as this helps to keep any blemishes at bay, I usually use the Clarins Pure and Radiant Mask as this really helps to keep my skin hydrated. Occasionally though I’ll notice a blemish ready to make an appearance so I will try zap it before it gets any worse by using The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask. This helps to reduce redness and doesn’t dehydrate my skin.

2) A Fixer - For a spot treatment I like to use the Origins Super Spot Remover I haven’t found anything else that beats this product, it really helps to clear up my skin quicker and redness is instantly reduced. Another great product is Proactiv as I mentioned at the start I have recently started using this and it has worked wonders but is more suited for Acne prone skin.

3) The Hydrator - When it comes to blemished skin, I use to always think that applying moisturiser would be the problems worse but actually making sure that your skin stays hydrated will help to clear your skin and also will stop any dry patchy that may occur from using spot treatments. I like to use the Clarins Hydraquench cream or the Clarins Lotus Oil in the evenings.

4) The Complexion Enhancer - How ever hard we try to stop blemish there will be days when your skin isn’t looking it best, so if your like me you will want to pile on the makeup to cover everything up but I’ve learnt my lesson that this really isn’t the way to go. The best thing to do when your skin isn’t looking great is opt for a tinted moisturiser or CC cream which will help give the skin a more healthy glowy look instead of enhancing the problem areas.

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