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Well summer is pretty much meant to be here now but I don't know about you but where I'm living the sun seems pretty limited; it does make an appearance every now and then but only very briefly. Whether the sun is out or not though I do love to have perfectly smooth legs and I'm guessing most girls to do. 

Sometimes getting perfectly smooth leg can be a problem though, as you don't want to feel stubbly or have dry skin or worse of all, ingrown hairs. To help overcome any of these problems and to achieve that smooth leg I have put together this quick post of what I do and I thought it was a great time to start to write a new little series on my blog ready for my holiday the end of next month, so lets start getitng summer & holiday ready! 

Step 1:
Have a warm shower or bath (I do prefer a good bath) to open pores as this will give you a closer shave, you should avoid using really hot water as this can dry out your skin. I recommend that you relax and soak your legs for at least a solid 5 minutes so your leg can take in the hydration.

Step 2:
Using a loofah and exfoliating cream buff all over the body paying close attention to the knees, ankles and elbows as this helps to remove any dead skin cells and aligns your hairs. Exfoliating reduces the likelihood of getting ingrown hairs and it will help clear your skin, which helps to expose the hair for that close shave.

Step 3:
Squirt a handful or shaving cream on your hand and lather up on your legs as if it were a shampoo. Put a light layer all over your legs as applying it to thickly can clog your shaver and make sure to cover every sport, this does include right down to the ankle.

Step 4:
For a shave that has less risk or bumps and burns, go with the grain and you're best off taking short strokes because the shaver can become more ineffective as the strokes get longer. You will also need to rinse the shaver under warm water after each stroke.

Step 5: 
Rinse your legs with cool water as this will close the pores, and then pat your legs dry.

What I like to do as a little extra which honestly works the trick and makes my leg feel so smooth is mix 1/2-cup coconut oil, the juice of 1 lemon and 1 and 1/4 cup of sugar and mix together. Then I apply this mixture to wet legs, shave and the rinse and repeat one more time. I like to use this mixture instead of shaving foam because it really does keep your legs smooth and you may be able to find these products in your kitchen so if you ever run out for shaving foam, remember this simple mixture. 

Now we have lovely smooth summer ready legs, hope you have enjoyed and as usual if you have any tips, please share them, as I’d love to know.

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