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Balance Me Radiance Face Mask is an all in one facemask that gently exfoliates and brightens the skin by using ground walnut leaving it feeling softer and smoother. The Balance Me face mask contains purifying kaolin clay which draws out impurities for a truly deep cleanse which helps to deliver a radiant complexion.

The Balance Me Radiance Face Mask is a cream based mask, so when you gently apply the mask and leave on for a couple of minutes, the cooling cream cleanses the skin, then you can gently buff off with a cloth which of course exfoliates the skin because of the walnut. By providing a deep cleanse it helps to leave my pores visibly reduced and clearer and my skin generally feels great it even removes any dry patches leaving my skin soft to touch and glowing.

I ususally use different face mask for different problems just has dry skin, dull skin, oily skin, but the Radiance Face Mask literally is an all in one mask as I know what ever the problem I can use this and instantly see results. My skin looks so refreshed 

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