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I have always suffered from blemished acne prone skin and have never found a solution until now that is. I heard about Proactiv months ago on TV and I’m guessing a lot people have right? Those adverts where celebrities say how much its helped there skin? Remember now.. well I never thought Proactiv would work, I just thought it was one of those money making products with no benefits but how wrong I was.

Firstly What is Proactiv? - Proactiv is a dermatologist developed skin care range specifically designed to target acne. The primary ingredient in Proactiv is Benzoyl Peroxide. Now, if you’re wondering if that is the same Benzoyl Peroxide found in drug store acne products (such as Neautrogena and Clearasil). Yes, it is the same ingredient. However, Proactiv contains other ingredients that make it unique. 

I finally bit the bullet and decided to make a purchase about 3-4 weeks ago now, I went for the Core Kit, which was £19.99 and included a Pore Targeting Treatment, Skin Smoothing Exfoliator, Complexion Perfecting Hydrator and Skin Purifying Mask. These products aren’t as big as the products you would buy separately but they are well worth the money as you get a decent amount, which lasts.  

Since using Proactiv I have seen a huge improvement in my skin, actually it’s the best I’ve seen it in a long while, it's pretty much cleared my skin up completely and with a couple more uses I'm sure my skin will be blemished free, I honestly can’t fault these products, I have read a lot of bad reviews saying how they burn the skin and don’t work but I’ve not experienced any redness or burning sensations, they honestly have made such a difference and I would recommend Proactiv to anyone with blemished skin and I can't wait to try more products in the range.

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