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Today I thought I’d share some of my favourite body lotions, which are actually all from the high street. I find seem to find myself using body lotion more than ever this time of the year, because I try to get my skin smooth and hydrated ready for the warmer weather in Spring and Summer.

I’m going to start today by mentioning one of my all time favourites which is the Grace Cole England Fruit Works Body Lotion, can I just start by mention the smell, its delicious! I have the Strawberry and Kiwi scent and honestly it is the best thing, it always reminds me of summer – a happy scent! It has quite a thin constancy to it, which makes it easy to massage into the skin and you don’t need to use much of it either, a little goes a long way. There is also a Shower Gel and Body Scrub, which I will be purchasing because I think it, will be really nice to have the matching set to use when coming into the summer months.

Next is another Strawberry scented product and that is The Body Shop Body Butter, I haven’t had this very long I used to always pick the Cocoa scent but when I went in the other week and saw these were on offer I decided to try a different scent and ended up going for this Strawberry one. As this is a body butter it is thicker than a lotion so I like to use this on areas that I have dry skin, I especially like to apply to my elbows, knees and feet, I always feels like a body butters works better on these areas. This body butter feels really luxurious on the skin and absorbs quickly which is always a bonus for because I always hate the sticky moments after apply a cream and having to wait for it to ‘dry’ so this is a lovely product to have in your collection.

Lastly I’m going to mention something that is a little different and that is the No7 Pampering Dry Skin Oil Body Spray, I can’t recommend this product enough! It’s just a handy, easy, beautiful smelling product. If you are someone like me that hates feeling sticky after applying a cream and having to wait for it to dry then this product is for you, as soon as your out of the bath your give yourself a quick spritz, gently massage in, get dressed and your done without any of that sticky waiting time. This product feels really luxurious with its warm scent of Vanilla and White Florals as well as leaving your skin smooth and supple, it defiantly something that everyone can use, making them feel pampered and relaxed.
Grace Cole England, No7, The Body Shop

That’s it for this weeks Top 3, has this post encouraged you to go out and get a new body lotion? It certainly has me, even though I have a draw full of different ones! Let me know if you have any to recommend though.

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