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Super Facialist, Soap & Glory, No7

I love using and trying out different face masks because I like that little pampering feeling that it gives me, its like a little daily pick me up. I especially like masks that help my skin to look brighter and more refreshed and I sometimes feel that my skin looks really tired and dull (I blame my job) so today I thought I would mention my top 3 face masks.

I’m going to start with my favourite today and that’s the Super Facialist Clay Mask this has been one of my favorite go to masks for a while now, every time I use this I instantly see a difference in my skin, it feel refreshed, clean and looks brighter. I usually use this mask when I am about to, or have already broken out as its quickly helps to clear any blemishes. The only downside, to this product is the smell, it's gross! But I have learnt to just ignore this, as the mask itself is so good and how does the saying go, no pain, no gain.

Next I have chosen to mention the Soap & Glory 2-in-1 Pore Purifying Mask, I like to use this when I want a little pamper, as it feels delicate on the skin and the smell... Its deliciously minty, something that I really like! I have realised that a little does go quite a long way with this mask so don't be put off my the size of the pot, I just take a little amount and then rub it into my skin, leave on for a couple of minutes and then wash it off. Afterwards my face feels so refreshed and awake which I think has something to due to the mintyness.

Lastly I thought I would mention the No7 BeautifulSkin Hot Cloth Cleanser, as it is like a mini little luxury spa facial in your own home. The mask itself is so indulgent and then you have the gentle exfoliating muslin cloth, which removes reads skin cells, leaving my skin clean and soft. I have been using this mask for a while now, as I am yet to find a mask that compares to this one. I think this is, because I usually have oily skin so I find it hard to find a mask that helps when my skin feeling dry but is not so oily that it makes me breakout. This honestly is a godsend, it will make your skin feel super soft, super quick.

I would love to hear of your facemask recommendations because I’m always on the look out.

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