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When applying makeup you always want to start with a good base, and your base being your foundation so its incredibly important to find something that is the perfect match for you. Luckily if your shopping at department stores like John

How much coverage your after: The whole point of wearing foundation is to even out your skin tone, so its really important that you tell the consultant how much coverage you like since its basically the most important part of wearing foundation. 

What you're currently using: It's important that you tell the consultant what foundation your currently wearing everyday and what you dislike about it as that way they will be able to eliminate foundations by steering you away from what your are trying to avoid. 

Your skin type/skin concerns: Many foundations work best with certain skin types so telling your consultant may be the difference between having a foundation that lasts an hour or all day, or making your breakout or smoothing out your skin. 

How long you want it to wear for:You should discuss with the consultant how long you'll be wearing it throughout the day as then they can find one that will work best for you. Or if its something that your just looking to wear for nights on the town again letter then know as they will be able to chose a longer wear one that won't smudge or disappear.
Lewis or Debenhams there will be professional that will be able to help you find the right one if you discuss the right things with them. I know first hand that it can be overpowering looking for a foundation because there is just so many to choose from, so I've put together a few things you should discuss with the consultant so you can find that perfect foundation first time.

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