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Now that summer is on its way it's time to start thinking about holidays and cute pretty sandals and there is nothing worse in the summer than having pretty sandals and well, not so pretty feet so today I thought I would mention what I do to get my feet ready for the sandal season.

I always start by removing any nail polish and then using my Scholl's Foot Spa for about 15 minutes. I like to add a few drops of Tea Tree Oil as its antibacterial so I know my feet are nice and clean.

I then like to remove any excess skin, now I have been using a JML Peg Egg as I feel that this does just what I need it to, but you can use the Scholl electric file or just a simple foot file would also work great. Whilst my feet are still damp I take a granulated scrub to smooth my feet even more making sure all the dry skin is removed, then I’ll rinse and dry my feet.  

I’ll then file my nails and use a cuticle remover, remember to file nails straight to avoid ingrown nails. Once I have finished filing I use a cotton pad and a little nail polish remover to remove all dead skin and any excess oils from my nails.

Now I paint my nails, you will want to follow the four-coat rule when doing this to help reduce chipping. I apply a good base coat, two coats of colour and my favorite topcoat. I’ve been applying the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails as my base and topcoat to help to keep my nails strong.

When my nails are dry I apply a thick cream such as No7 Cocooning Body Balm or the Body Shop Body Butters as it helps to put moisture into my skin and is so relaxing. With this I sometimes apply Grace Cole England Strawberry and Kiwi Body Lotion just because the smell is delicious and so summery. Then I just put on some socks and let my feet absorb all that cream keeping them soft and smooth.

Now I am ready to face summer and show my feet off in my new summer sandals. 

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