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So as summer is fast approaching, I thought it was time to have a little mini pamper day which I personally love doing. These are great to do on days when you have nothing to do, when you have a special occasion to attend or just generally when you want a little pick me up I usually have a mini pamper day on a Sunday just because I like to chill out before having to get up early Monday morning for work.

Firstly I start by removing any fake tan, during the winter I tend to wear more fake tan so I can keep that glow but now its getting to summer I like to remove all of my old tan so I can achieve a more natural summer look. I start this a few days in advance to my pamper day as removing my tan can require a few soaks in the bath and a good exfoliating session. So I like to do this and then apply thick body butter for an intensive moisturize.

Next for my hair, I apply a nice hair mask, which I leave on for about 30 minutes before wrapping my hair in a towel and then getting in the bath. I’ll then wash my hair with a clarifying shampoo and a nice smelling conditioner. Once I’m out the bath and I’ve towel dried my hair I apply a nice hair oil just to the ends of my hair to help prevent any spilt ends from occurring.

Then for my skin, I like to give this lots of attention. First I give my face a good cleanse using my favorite face wash and my Clinique Sonic Face Brush as I know my face is getting a deep down clean then I'll then use a face mask as I feel that this really does make my face feel clean and refreshed and its nice just to sit back and relax while the mask does its job. Afterwards I simple just massage my face, while using my Clarins Lotus Oil as this helps give my skin hydrated. As for my body I just use a gentle exfoliator all over and a nice smelling Body Wash then once I’ve patted dry my skin apply a similar smelling body lotion to lock in all the moisture. Occasionally I will apply a little gradual tanning lotion just to give myself a slight glow but as we are coming into summer I like to try and get a natural tan so I don’t always do this.

I then like to give myself a mini pedicure, I use my Scholl’s foot spa to relax and soak my feet, paint my toe and then apply a thick body butter, I will put on some socks as that way my feet can absorb all the moisture.  I’ll then do my hands, so I will also shape and paint my nails, that’s if I haven’t had my nails done professionally at the nail salon and then just apply and nice hand cream.

Lastly just an extra couple of things I like to do is groom my eyebrow, I will tint and shape them but usually I get them done a the salon as I tend to over pluck but if they haven’t been done in a while I will do them myself and then I’ll just whiten my teeth.

So that’s what my pamper days consist of once I’ve done all that I just like to sit back and watch a good film or read a book. I’d love to know what sort of things you do on your pamper days and products you use, so leave a comment below. 

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