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I thought that as summer is hopefully not too far, I would share my top six tips to staying safe in the sun as its important to protect to skin to protect signs of aging.

Step 1: 
I’d recommend to start with a high SPF sun cream (Such as SPF30) as using a low SPF could cause your to burn as your body has had no real contact with sunlight over the winter months. Remember you can always reduce the SPF down but my general rule is not to wear a sun cream under SPF15

Step 2: 
In regards to your face I would recommend that you use a sun cream with SPF30, as this will protect your skin from signs or ageing and dehydration. The lowest SPF I would personally use on my face, is an SPF20, remember you will still tan.

Step 3: 
Remember sun cream won't last all day, no matter if your lounging around at home or out and about so makes sure you reapply it regularly so you are completely protected.

Step 4: 
Pay attention while tanning to make sure that your get a flawless tan, make sure to flip from front to back regularly so you can achieve and even tan. Also check that your aren’t burning as if you do later on you can start to peel and then you will have to start the whole tanning process again

Step 5: 
At the end of the day wash off all your sun cream, also this will help to cool you down and you will start to see your tan appear. I always feel that I can’t notice my tan until I have showered and applied after sun or a moisturizer containing Aloe Vera. 

Step 6: 
Sun cream has a relatively short shelf live so I would recommended replacing this every year so you can guarantee that what you are applying is the correct SPF and that it is actually going to protect you, as a sun cream that was an SPF20 may actually have a lot less SPF in next year.

That’s it for todays post I hope it helps you to keep safe in the sun and to stops you getting burnt, if you have any products you can recommend I’d love to know.

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