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I know I am a huge Clarins lover but honestly this product is really something special, as it allows you to transform any of your existing skincare products in a tan. How good is that? That means no more hard decision making, on whether to tan or use your usually skincare products, you can just grab your everyday moisturiser add a couple of drops of the Glow Booster and your away.

The Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster is a little glass bottle filled with a concentration of self tanning active ingredients. When added to a scoop of your existing moisturiser, it works the same as a normal self tanning product. The only difference is you are tailoring the amount of concentrate you put into your cream, so your able to create your own made to measure tan. 

You can use the Radiance-Plus everyday, I find it much easier to use it in the evenings so that it develops overnight and as your using it with your usual skincare it will dry quickly and doesn't leave any residue with usually self tanners can do. This really is a fantastic product, it's so different to any other product I have used before but its something that I don't want to be without now because its so straight forward and easy to use. 

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