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As you may know, I have just returned from 11 days in the beautiful Calas de Mallorca, so I thought I would share with you a couple of my photos as it was such a lovely place. I was a little reluctant about going with everything that has been mentioned on the news and to be honest I was entirely sure about the destination but as soon as I arrived at the hotel (Calas de Mallorca Complex) I was in ore, the views were absolutely stunning. We was lucky to be given a sea view room, which overlooked the  beautiful clear water and the cliff side, it was certainly the best view I have ever woken to every morning. 

If you haven't already been to Calas de Mallorca, I would highly recommend that you go, it was an affordable holiday with everything close by. It's not big on night life but that wasn't what we was going for, but that said that are some nice bars which were just a 10 minute walk from our hotel which were open till late but also the entertainment in our hotel was actually really good, they really did put on some great shows which were well worth the watch. If your someone that likes going on trips, then it would suit you as there was loads of excursions that you could pay to go on during the day or night which were all reasonably priced, there is defiantly something for everyone. 

Well anyway, enough with the talking, i'l share a couple of pictures with you to show you how beautiful it was. If you have been before I would love to know what you thought. 

 These first two photos are the view from our room, how beautiful?

 The next two photos are taken at Porto Cristo harbour, it was one of the excursions that we went on.

Another excursions that we went on was to visit the Cave De Drach, It was a little cold inside but very interesting.

Another great trip we went on was to watch the pirate show in Magaluf, it really is a must watch!
This was our hotel, it really was beautiful being that close to the water

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