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Everyone loves that feeling when you just got your hair done at the salon, its so soft and shiny and perfectly in place but for some reason it is always so hard to give yourself that perfect style at home. It’s not completely impossible though if you just know the right trick, the things you should and shouldn’t do.

1. Find the right hairdryer
Investigating in a really good ionic hairdryer, which will help to dry hair faster will cause less damage.

2. Use heat protectant
The most important part of blow-drying your hair is to make sure you use a product that is going to protect your hair from the heat, as if you don’t your just asking for trouble.

3. Use the right brush
When it comes to styling your hair, brushes are crucial. The biggest mistake is using a metal brush as this can really damage the hair and even cause breakages.

4. Don’t forget to do sections
Sometimes it may take longer to make sections but actually by parting your hair into four sections it will actually save you a lot of time. It means that you’re not drying the same but over again which means less chance of damaging your hair.

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