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Do you ever look at celebrities, admire their makeup and wish you could do that? Well with these 6 amazing tips your be a makeup pro in no time.

1. Use eye drops
Start your makeup routine by applying eye drops with a cotton ball on dry skin to relieve any redness or irritation.

2. Prep
Preparing your skin is essential if you’re after a glowing complexion. It’s important to always start with a light moisturiser, then your foundation. Oh and try to use as little powder a possible.

3. Use a beauty blender
This is my favourite makeup tool, it’s best to use damp for a flawless application and ensuring that your makeup never looks heavy. And it allows you to access every contour of your face.

4. Concealer
It’s best to apply concealer on the tops of the cheeks not right under the eye, as that way the light will reflect upwards.

5. Keep your makeup in place all day.
Working long hour’s means that we have to get our foundation to stay in for longer and the secret to that is to apply a good primer and this will help to keep everything in place. Also applying a good setting spray after you have finished applying your makeup will really help to finish it off.


  1. These are so helpful; great post! x

  2. Great tips !! I'm going to try to use the eye drops once in a while
    The color palette


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