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I just need to start by saying that this certainly is a must have product, I have not stopped using it since I purchased it a couple of weeks ago so if you haven’t tried it yet you must go get your hands on it now.

I actually found out about the Aroma Sensations when I got an Asda brochure and inside was a sample of the Feel Glamorous Aroma Sensations, so when I next took a bath I decided I would give it ago and I was instantly in love. There are three underlying scents of blackberry, bourbon vanilla and dragon fruit; which I must say is the best of scents. The scent is what done it for me, it’s sweet but not sickly and is strong enough that you can smell it on your skin even once you’re dry, it’s that great that even my mum said how nice our bathroom smelt once I was out.

The Feel Glamorous Aroma Sensations is also a gentle body scrub that can be used daily to rejuvenate, refine and smooth skin without being too harsh and drying on the skin. After I have used it my skin feel super soft, radiant and fresh, I recommend this for everyone, even people with slightly sensitive skin as this isn’t rough or harsh on the skin at all.

If you have already tried this or any of the other scents in this range I would love to know what yours thoughts where so please leave a comment below.


  1. I used to have Palmolive shampoo in my bathroom but I stopped using it. I don't know why. I really like their scents. This one looks really nice. Great review.


    1. I've not tried a palmolive shampoo, think i'm going to have to though if they smell as good as this. Thank you x

  2. i bet it smells delicious. I would love to try it!

    The Color Palette

    1. Honestly it's the best smelling shower gel! It's currently on offer for £1 in superdrug and wilkinsons :) x


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