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Sometimes blogging can be a little overwhelming and your mind goes blank, trust me we have all been there, however by being prepared and making the most of your time you can keep ahead and feel a lot less stressed.

1) Have a notepad ready
By keeping a notepad with you at all times means as soon as you get an idea, any idea you can write it down straight away and even by jotting down just keywords will have jot your mind when you come to start a post.

2) Lists
I love lists, I am always writing lists but they really do help. Its stops me from forgetting things I need to do, such as writing new posts, taking new pictures, scheduling a tweet or even just doing some research for a post I’m planning. Trust me it will help you to priorities.

3) Take bulk photos
I always find it much easier to take photos in bulk even if I don’t have a post ready for that photo its always a great idea of taking different photos of products as at least that way I know I have loads of photos ready to go and it can help to give you something to write about when your imagination is running low. Oh and make sure to use natural light, your get a much better finish.

4) Remember to schedule
I couldn’t live without scheduling posts and having a load of posts written ready to go, just encase you need a break from blogging, on holiday or even if your just very forgetful, like me and time passes you by and then you remember you should have got that post up yesterday. I have also got into scheduling my tweets, sometimes this is harder than it seems but nice to know while I’m at work that I can get some content up via twitter.

I hope some of these tips help you to feel less stressed, as blogging should be fun as for most of us it’s a hobby.

Do you have any tips that help you to keep organised? I would love to know so please comment below.


  1. Great tips, when I have something new I always take pictures just in case.
    The Color Palette

    1. Thats always the best way isn't it, I find it so much easier as otherwise I forget to do it haha.. x


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