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No matter what your age is the presence of under eye bags and dark circles is a huge beauty concern as it has a huge impact on the rest of our face and confidence. Under eye bags are a natural effect of ageing but they can also be caused by allergies, water retention and lack of sleep, thankfully there are ways in which you can reduce the signs of under-eye bags.

1) Drink Plenty of Water
Under eye darkness can be caused by fluid retention so by drinking lots of water will help to ‘flush out’ the salty deposit. The secret to flawless skin is by maintaining the perfect level of hydration so make sure you drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

2) Apply Something Cool
We have all heard of putting cucumbers over our eyes to reduce dark circles and have probably all tried it, there really is no magic behind this technique other than the fact that the cucumber is cold which helps the skin contract reducing the puffiness. Although the results of applying something cool to the eye area is only temporary it does make a difference there and then and will really help wake you up.

3) Facial Massage
I love having a massage, any sort of massage but did you know that by massaging around the area around the eye will help relieve tension and drain away excess fluid. I like to apply a rich eye cream around the eye, massage in circular motions and gently tap under the eye area as this will help to encourage movement. It’s also good to apply a small amount of pressure to your pressure points (between the nose and brow arch) and then stroke around the eye again to encourage drainage.

Do you have any other tips you use to get rid of dark circles? Please comment below if you do.

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