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So have you been out in the sun too much or dyed and over styled your hair? Is your hair giving you the distress signals? It is dry, dull, brittle and breaking and the ends? If so you will benefit from following some of these simple tips, they will have your hair back to its healthy self in no time.

1. Swap your shampoo
Firstly its time to swap your shampoo for something with added moisturizing benefits, keep an eye out for shampoos that contain natural oils such as aragan and jojoba.

2. Use a hair mask
One of the best ways to add extra moisture into your hair is by using a treatment mask that contains natural goodies such as palm oil. Apply the mask twice a week and leave it on for an hour as this will help to rehydrate the hair.

3. Prepare for the heat
The worse thing you can do is use straighteners and curlers on hair that is still damp as you will end up scorching the hair, so make sure that after washing your hair that you allow it to completely dry before styling. Also make sure to use a heat protectant before styling as this will help protect against surface damage.

4. Add some shine
A must have for damaged hair is hair oil, it will help to repair parched strands and add the smoothness and shine that your hair needs to looks its best.

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