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BB creams have gradually become a fundamental part of many beauty regimes with there hydrating qualities and rich texture. I have been using BB creams for some time now and I personally prefer them to foundation for everyday use, but it seems that so many people are still confused as to what a BB cream is.

First thing first, BB cream stands for blemish/beauty balm. They were developed by a dermatologist who wanted to provide a single cream that would protect the skin and provide coverage. Most beauty brands are introducing BB creams to there range with the focus mostly around the summer months for when we are looking for a lighter alternative to foundation.

BB cream is an all-in-one product, it’s a moisturizer, primer, foundation and even sunscreen, and also most BB creams often have anti-inflammatory, anti-wrinkle and soothing properties in them. Its because of this that many women choose to wear a BB cream as it’s a much quicker way of achieving the flawless skin, there’s no need for several different products.

There is no need to use a BB cream alongside a foundation, as the BB cream is your base. You can wear it alone over a moisturizer or you can apply it under a powder if you are after a more fuller coverage.  Most ranges don’t have a huge number of shades to choose from because the formulas are designed to oxidize to match your skin tone.

I hope that has given a bit more understanding of BB creams and has convinced you to give them a go. If you were already a fan I would love to know what your favourites are.

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