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Well people can you believe its less than three months until Christmas? Does anyone know where the sun went? Or even just where this year has gone? Its crazy, I’ll tell you another thing that’s been crazy, is this month, so much has happened this month and I feel like I haven’t stopped but though all the madness I have managed to find some real beauty gems. So enough chitter chatter lets get started with my September favourites.

I have been using this everyday since I cam back from my holiday in June, which I think is the longest I have kept to using the same foundation/BB cream. I have actually replaced my foundation for this BB cream because it helps to even my skin tone and blurs the appearance of any imperfections, the tinted lightweight formula also gives my complexions and healthy looking glow. It really does do everything it says it will and it is certainly a product that I will be repurchasing. 

I have been using this lip balm a lot more recently and I forgot how much I love it. I purchased it a while back just haven't been wearing it but now with the colder months coming I thought that I would start to use a lip balm to stop dry lips. I absolutely love the Clarins Instant Light because it has a sweet taste unlike some balms and it just glides on effortlessly adding a naturally coloured glossy shine with a barely-there effect.

Yes this is my all time favourite body moisturiser, I use this every day after I have bathed/showered and it leaves my skin literally baby soft. I actually started using this because I get extremely itchy legs, I think it must be an ingredient in certain product like fake tan, my legs get that itchy that I can just sit there and claw my legs so I went on mission for a product that would help and I found it! This honestly is the best stuff and I will forever be repurchasing this because it’s the only product I have found that helps as well as leaving my skin so irresistibly soft and I highly recommend this to anyone.

I originally purchased this salt for the same reasons why I brought the Johnson’s moisturiser, I thought that it may help my legs remain itch free and it does. I put about a handful in my bath once a week and then just sit back and relax, since doing this I have noticed a difference in my skin, it’s even helped clear up any blemishes so it certainly works.

I started using this several months ago now and I haven’t stopped using it since, I like to use it every morning as it leaves my skin clean and fresh and removes any products that I used the night before. Since I have been using this I have noticed a huge difference in my skin, it really has helped to get rid any blemish and has kept my skin clear and its just such an affordable product.

What have been your favourite products for the month of September? Please leave a comment below. 


  1. Dead sea salt for the bath? Wow that sounds like an awesome way to rejuvenate skin!
    Morgan |

    1. Yes! it's honestly amazing, I recommend it to everyone as it's made such a huge difference to my skin and it's currently half price in Boots (:


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