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I was on the hunt for a new body scrub a couple of weeks back as I has completely ran out of my Body Shop coconut body scrub and I cannot live without a scrub but as I fancied a changed I headed off to Boots and came across the Sanctuary Hot Sugar Scrub which had me intrigued from the get go.

This hot sugar scrub has a thick milky clay-like texture that is beautifully scented with subtle zesty lemon that has a unique blend of organic sugar, thermal zeolite and detoxifying kaolin clay, which heats up as it makes contact with your skin.

I really love this scrub, it is perfect coming into the colder seasons when you just want to get home after a long day, have a bath and relax, I also love using it when I have sore muscles as it has a really soothing sensation. As it is self-heating it works to gently warm, invigorate and purify the skin deep down and exfoliates dead skin cells, immediately leaving your skin feeling refreshed and softer even a few days later you will still be able to feel a difference.

Overall I cannot fault the Sanctuary Hot Sugar Scrub it’s a great scrub to use everyday as its not harsh on the skin or alternately you could use it once a week as a little pamper as sometimes pampering is all you need to feel good. It is a 100% worth its £12.00 price tag from most Boots stores as the pot is really big and should last a few months as you only need a 50p sized amount.

Have you tried the Sanctuary Hot Sugar Scrub? If you have I would love to know your thoughts.


  1. I love this stuff! Sanctuary are pretty much the only brand I use for shower products lately, I just love the smell. Their Two Day Moisture shower cream is gorgeous too :)

    Misia xx |

    1. I've never really used Sanctuary but will certainly be using more now. That shower cream sounds great, think I will have to go try that :)


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