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I don’t know about you but I think its blooming freezing outside right now and we aren’t even into November, as it gets colder it means your hair needs some extra care and attention to keep it in tiptop condition. I have put together a couple of my top tips that I do to keep my hair in as good a condition as I can during these colder months. 

1. Weatherproof & Protect
As with your skincare routine, your hair products should be changed throughout the seasons, as during the winter months you need to add stronger styling products to keep your hair in place to minimise the need for touch ups and to keep your style for longer, reducing frizz and flyaway.

2. The Ends
Spilt ends are the bane of our lives and constant use of electrical styling only makes the problem worse, so ensure you’re getting a regular trim as the ends of your hair are the first thing that shows deterioration. If you don’t have time for a cut then using a spilt end product will temporarily help re-align then ends of your hair.

3. Intensive Treatment
Essential moisture is lost in the colder month as our hair starts to dry out with the harsh winds beating against us daily and then the hot air when we finally get inside. This means that throughout the colder months you should try to aim to use an intensive conditioning treatment weekly, to help nourish and hydrate limp dry locks.

What are your top tips for protecting you hair in the colder months? What are your favourite products?

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