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Have you seen Jaclyn Hill’s recent video? Her fall favourite tag? I love watching/reading tag videos/posts I feel like you can really get to know someone’s personality and I love seeing what products that they are liking so I thought today I would share an extra post with you.. The Fall favourites tag!

1. Favorite Candle
I love candles, I always have a candle of some burning but when fall arrives so do all the really great smelling candles. I currently obsessing over two Yankee candles the Salted Cameral and Vanilla Bourbon, if you haven’t spelt these you need to go to your nearest Yankee store now and smell them they are good enough to eat.

2. Favorite Lip Colour
My favourite lip colour would have to be an oldie but a goodie and that’s MAC Velvet Teddy, this is such an easy colour to wear, its not to dark and not to pale therefore your lips can be the statement or your can pair it with a dark cat eye and it will still look great.

3. Favorite Drink
My favourite fall drink would have to be a Starbucks drink as I drank so much of these last year and I cannot wait for them to start selling them again this year and that’s the Gingerbread Latte, there is honestly nothing quiet so good as this, you really must try it.

4. Favorite Blush
I have recently started liking Tarte in the shade Exposed so I would have to say that this has to be my new favorite fall blush, it has just the perfect amount of colour to it without being to overpowering on the cheeks.

5. Favorite Clothing Item
My all time favourite fall clothing item would have to be a leather jacket, they are just so versatile and not to thick as we aren’t ready for those winter coats just yet. I like dressing them down with oversized tees and ripped jeans but I also love chucking a leather jacket over a midi dress if I’m going out for the night. 

6. Favorite Fall Movie
I’m sorry but I am going to have to pick a Christmas film for this as the film I am going to mention I absolutely love, as soon a October is nearly finished It is completely acceptable to watch Christmas films so then I will watch this film every weekend, that film is Arthur Christmas, who else has seen this film?

7. Favorite Fall TV Show
I am not going to lie to you, I don’t really watch much TV so I don’t actually have a favourite fall TV show the only shows I ever really watch is when I am re watching Gossip Girl on 90210 which I watch way more times then I should.

8. Favorite Thanksgiving Food
Well as we don’t have thanksgiving in the UK I’m going to say my favourite Christmas food, which without a doubt has to be brandy butter, I adore this stuff as soon as its in the shops I have to buy it and within a week its gone also stuffing you can never have to much stuffing with your turkey.

9.Favorite Halloween Costume
I don’t personally have a favourite Halloween costume as I don’t overly dress up even though Halloween is by far my favourite thing of the year I usually end up going out for the night somewhere that isn’t fancy dress, but I will sometime add the odd devil horn or cats ears you guys know how it is.

I hope you have liked my Fall favourites, I would really love to hear what your our so if you do this tag please leave a comment below so I can go check it out!

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