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Week after week we are bombarded with new products that claim to give us perfect long glossy hair which is something I’m sure we are all after, so off I go to buy the new hot product to find that I’m really not that impressed and that it doesn’t really do what it says it will. There are other times when I really feel I need to spread the word and tell people about a product because it actually does what it says it will. I have been a fan of Lee Stafford hair products for many years now but I had never actually spoke about them and I think it’s about time I did, as I love them. I find my hair stays at this same length and even when I try growing it and giving it all the tlc it needs nothing ever seems to change until I started using the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment, Shampoo and Conditioner for hair that never grows past a certain length.

Let's start by mentioning the incredible smell, my hair smells divine after I use these. I started off originally just using the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment just to see what it was all about but then I decided to pair it with the Shampoo and Conditioner and I have noticed that my hair is a lot healthier and super soft to touch and most importantly I feel there is a noticeable hair growth.

The Shampoo is lovely it literally leaves my hair squeaky clean which is definitely something I need, as I tend to use quite a lot of serums and my hair is naturally quite oily. The Conditioner is just as good as the shampoo and it leaves my hair lovely and soft. My hair does not at all feel weighed down after using these products, which is always a plus for me.

The only think I wish was better about this range is that they come in a larger size as I find that I have to keep repurchasing new bottles so soon but apart from that I highly recommend giving them a try.

Have you tried the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Range? What’s your favourite product?


  1. Sounds like a great line, I'll definitely consider this next time I run out of shampoo and conditioner :) I generally love Lee Stafford too, I've had some products I've really loved from them and I always enjoy the fragrances too!

    Misia xx |

    1. You should certainly try them, I honestly feel like that work :) They all smell so delicious don't they!


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