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With the success of my tips for positivity post which I put up a while ago, I though I would share a post with you about increasing your productivity as lets face it we all have days where we just think not today or where do I even begin but its important to keep your productivity levels up so you can get your tasks done and to a good standard.

Reward Yourself
This might sound materialistic to some people but to me, it’s a reminder of how hard I’m working and a little celebration to say well done to myself. You haven’t got to spend loads you can just make a little online purchase or even just treat yourself to dinner out with a friend but by rewarding yourself for all your hard work is like the light at the end of the tunnel.

If you’re like me, you will write mile long to do lists with everything that needs to be done but do you find that the list never ends and you end up feeling disheartened? Well I have learnt that you should condense and priorities your list, just write down several tasks that have to be completed by the end of the day. Not only will you feel much better when you’re able to tick off a whole checklist of tasks before the end of the day but, you’ll be able to focus more on each individual.

We all need to feel loved and supported in order to do well and sometimes, a quick chat with friends or family is all it takes for you to feel positive and re-energised, also it can often be helpful to get a different perspective and listen to what someone else has to say.

Take ‘You’ Time
Make sure to take 5 minutes for yourself, whether you grab a book, watch an episode of your favourite TV series, read a magazine or even do some cleaning (yes I am one of them people that like to clean) as this will allow your mind to switch off and it will make you feel good that you are doing something for yourself.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and I really hope some of these tips help you when you’re lacking a bit of productivity.

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  1. Thanks so much for these tips! It's so easy to get sidetracked with everything that's going on around us. I'll definitely be rewarding myself to spark some productivity

    Brittny |


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