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Yes I can hear you all saying this gradual tan has been available for months now so why is she now mentioing it, well sadly I have only just managed to get my hands on it. To be honest when it was first released I was a little reluctant to try it as usually tan and water don’t mix to well and because my skin is extremely picky with tanning products, it gets really itchy and I can’t be doing with

I finally decided to take the plunge the other week though as I was feeling and looking a pale and was defiantly in need of a bit of colour. As I prefer to use a gradual tan in the winter months as it means that I can control the colour a bit easier so I don’t look ‘orange’ I prefer a more of a natural colour in the colder months as everything seems to dull down a bit so I thought I would give this one ago.

When I first opened it I noticed that the scent wasn’t your typical self-tan scent, it’s a little floral to begin with and then while it is developing it warms a bit, almost to a biscuit like fragrance. As you rinse it off though it isn’t as offensive as other self-tanners can be.

The application is an easy process, you simply hop in the shower and do the norm, then step out apply the gradual tan all over the body (it’s not intended for the face) in the same way as you would any other self tanner, wait 3 minutes and then you can step back in the shower and rinse of (do not use any soap this time) then you can get it back in the shower and rinse off (don’t use any soap this time) and that’s it, you can now get out, get dry and get dressed without feeling sticky.

At £14.50 this is not the cheapest gradual tanner out there but if you are someone that is usually pushed for time or a bit wary of the self-tanning process this is the one for you and it delivers everything it claims to do, I personally feel it’s well worth the money.

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