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Being someone that has always suffered with blemished skin, means that I am constantly on the look out for a treatment product that will help, so when I came across these Clarins roller balls about mid last year I just had to try them (you should know I have a huge love for Clarins by now). As I have just recently repurchased these roller ball I thought it was about time I mentioned them to you.

These little tubes of spot-zapping potion are a brilliant idea from Clarins. They contain Witch Hazel, White Nettle and Wintergreen, which help to reduce redness and dry out spots and blemishes. I always reach for one of these when I can feel a blemish brewing and it stops it before its even there. What I love about them is that the product is dispensed by a metal roller ball so is icy cold against skin which as we all know has a very soothing sensation when you have a pulsating friend on your chin, this is also helps to reduce any redness as it calms the skin.

The package also comes with two applicators, so you can keep one in your bathroom and one in your handbag for on the go and it can be used both before and after applying makeup which is really handy as some products can only be used before makeup so when you feel a blemish appearing throughout the day you have to wait.

I would honestly recommend these Clarins blemish control treatments to people that suffer with blemished skin that doesn’t want anything to drying. They are a little on the pricey a £22.00 for the two roller balls but for a product that really works I wouldn’t say that’s too bad.

Have you tried the Clarins Blemish Control Treatments? I would love to know your opinions.

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