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When this water primer came out spring of last year I was a bit skeptical, like lets be honest it just looks like fancy water however it was marketed in such a unique way, its pretty catchy calling it ‘water primer’ so I finally gave in and had to purchased a bottle.

This primer is silicone/alcohol/oil-free and comes with a long list of claims, including the use of ‘revitalising electrolytes’ in the formula. The instructions say to use it before makeup, after to set things or post-application a few hours later to liven everything up. Personally, it works best for me when I use it like a setting spray after I have applied my makeup, as some times if I use a matte foundation my skin can start to look cakey, so a quick spray of this water primer and my skins looks hydrated and smooth. However my complexion has been a little lacking on the hydration front recently, so I have been using this primer before applying my makeup as it gives my skin that added boost it needs to help my makeup glide on.

I have been using this primer every time I am doing my makeup properly, I don’t use for everyday makeup, one because I just do my makeup quickly for work and secondly because this primer is a little on the pricey side at £20.00 so I prefer not to waste it on everyday makeup. I do have to make you aware though, a little does go a long way because the spritz on this can be quite all encompassing, so one or two pumps should be plenty.

I couldn’t tell you of the Smashbox Primer Water makes your makeup last longer when applied before your makeup, to be honest it just makes you feel professional and like you are doing something but in terms of making your makeup look fresh then it ticks all of the boxes.

Smash box Photo Finish Primer Water £20 via Boots - Link


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