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Lush Valentines

With Valentines just around the corner I thought I would share some Valentines goodies from Lush with you. Their products never fail to impress me; they look super cute and smell delicious and there Valentines products are no exception.

Lush have put together a couple of pre made Valentines gift sets which make lovely presents, there is ‘Lot’s to Love’ which is £27.95 and contains 6 fantastic products so its well worth every penny. If you are after something slightly less expensive though you could go for the ‘TwoHearts’ which is £13.95 which contains 3 products,‘?’ which contains two popular products for £10.95 or lastly ‘In your Dreams’ which again contains 2 great products for £9.95.

I have however picked out a couple of my favourite bombs and bars, which I thought I would share with you today. My first favourite has to be ‘Sex Bomb’ I really enjoy using this one, its blend of jasmine, clary sage and ylang ylang is great to ease away anxiety and stress and will have you feeling relaxed in no time.

One of my all time favourites is the ‘Rose JamBubbleroon’ it contains mood-enhancing ingredients such as lemon, geranium oil and rose so it’s very uplifting after a hard days work and not to forget it smells amazing. 

Next to mention is ‘The Unicorn Horn’ this has to be the most beautiful looking and smelling bubble bar ever; it looks so magical doesn’t it? It contains neroil oil and lavender oil that actually makes us feel more cheery and content and who wouldn’t want that?

My last bomb to mention today is the ‘Lover Lamp’ this bomb contains vanilla absolute and Brazilian orange oil, which also helps to lift your mood as well as being extremely moisturising on the skin, this is the first time I have used this bath bomb and I must say it lived up to my Lush standard

Have you tried any of the products mentioned today? What is your all time fav from Lush?

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