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My skin has been looking really dull recently so have been on the look out for a quick brightening pick-me-up product that would be suited for my combination skin. I knew that The Body Shop has a entire Vitamin C skincare range so I decided to pay them a visit as we all know that vitamin C has exceptionally good brightening properties.

I was immediately drawn to this product, firstly because I liked that the packaging is quaint, and that contains 28 capsules to last the month as this gives me enough time to see how it works with my skin, and for £17.00 their prices are much easier on the pocket than other brands. When I first opened the packaging though I thought that one capsules just wouldn’t be enough to cover the entire face but in actual fact it is, so there is no need to waste another one.

These capsules are to be applied at night after thoroughly cleansing your skin and before you normal moisturiser. Just twist the capsule, squeeze out the product and massage into your skin, they have a kind of serum like texture and smell a bit like oranges which I quiet like, but this may not be for everyone.

I have been using these Vitamin C Capsules for a couple of weeks now and have just started to notice a difference in my skin, the texture has improved a lot and my complexion looks healthier and brighter. During the first week of using them though my skin did start to break out a little but I did expect this as products that are highly moisturising tend to have that effect to start with on my skin but I stuck with them and like I said I have now noticed a difference in my skin.

Have you tried these capsules from The Body Shop? Or anything else from the Vitamin C range?

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