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Too Faced La Crème Lip Cream ‘Naked Dolly’

I have been meaning to get my hands on a lipstick from Too Faced for some time now. I always hear everyone saying how lovely they are and you only have to look at the packaging to fall in love with them; it's always so cute.

‘Naked Dolly’ is a light pinky nude colour which I love, like every typical girl I love a pink lipstick but some pinks are a bit too young and end up not suiting me but this isn’t the case at all with this Too Faced Lipstick it really is the perfect mix of nude and pink giving it that really feminine feel.

I really like how this lipstick feels; it’s like a lip balm mixed with a little bit of lipstick, its really creamy and it leaves my lips feeling hydrated. To me this has to be one of the main selling points, as I am someone that doesn’t like the heaviness/stickiness that some lipsticks can have. ‘Naked Dolly’ is quite sheer with one swipe but it still gives a lovely colour, but if you want a more opaque finish you can just apply a second swipe.

The last thing for me to mention is the packaging, its really luxurious, if you have read my blog you may be aware that I am a sucker for a gold packaging and this lipstick comes in a light golden tube with Too Face down the side so of course I am going to love it. The tube also looks high quality and is quite weighty.  

Too Faced La Crème Lip Cream £18 via Debenhams - link


  1. Such a pretty shade!

    xo, Liz

  2. The shade truly looks amazing and natural.
    Also I'd like to congratulate you on how amazing this blog works. I absolutely loved it!


    1. Thank you that means a lot, i'm glad you like it! xo


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