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Firstly for those that are not clear SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, this basically means where you are ranked in the search engine, the higher up your blogs SEO the higher up in the search listings you will be meaning that more people will have chance of seeing your blog. Now I have to admit I am still learning and it wasn’t until recently that I stated to improve my blogs SEO so I am no expert but since I have been doing certain things I have definitely noticed a difference with traffic coming to my blog so I thought I would put together a post of what I have been doing and hopefully it will help you too.

Name your images
I’m not going to lie when I first started blogging I never done this but as soon as I heard it could make a difference I went back through every post and named all the photos. What you need to do is when you upload your photos onto your laptop/computer rename it to what the product is in the photo is as this helps the search engine recognise what your image is. Also name your photos once you have uploaded them to your blog. On blogger you simply right click your image, click properties and then a box will pop up and put in the name.

If you use blogger you will notice that you will have in your domain, now I never liked the look of this so I purchased my own Domain name off of GoDaddy for about £7 a year which I just renew. I think it looks good to people visiting your blog as it shows your are serious about what you are doing but also having your own domain definitely improves your SEO.

Most of us already do this but including links in your post is important, not only linking to products you are talking about but linking to some of your previous relevant posts, as it will make readers stay on your blog longer which in tow will improve your SEO as it shows you have consistent relevant content.

Posting content
Keeping your posts frequent and fresh is very important as if you post often it will show the search engine you are relevant and will keep you up on the rankings however if you are someone that only posts once every other week then you are going to rank lower. Another tip to remember, make sure on every post you fill in the Search Description in the right hand side with something that is relevant to your post.

I hope you have found this post somewhat helpful, do you have any other tips which I could use as I’m still learning too.


  1. These are great tips!! I try to link all my products but it can get hard to keep up sometimes hahah :)

    Kathy xx

  2. These are great tips that i need to get on! stat! thank you!

  3. I never name my photos and I know I need to! I always forget though and the task of going back through my old ones seems too vast!! x

  4. I find your website very helpful, great tips! Still so much to learn :)


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